Cornell University Genetically Engineered Machines

Research Presentations

Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers

The Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers (CIBT) is an annual workshop that allows current high school biology teachers to delve into lab techniques and new advances in biotechnology, and then take that experience back to the classroom. We contributed to this mission by giving a presentation and lab tour, introducing the teachers to synthetic biology, its applications to the real world, and resources available to further explore and develop interest in synthetic biology.

The combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience that characterizes high school biology teachers renders them the perfect audience for critically assessing synthetic biology ideas, evaluating human practices concerns, and fostering a chain of lasting impacts upon future scientists and engineers. By targeting teachers, we hope to disseminate knowledge of and interest in synthetic biology to the coming generations.

SILS Presentation

The Summer Institute for the Life Sciences (SILS) organization culminates with an undergraduate research symposium that allows upcoming researchers to present their work to other students and faculty. We presented at this event to raise awareness of synthetic biology and our work among other Cornell researchers.

SILS Lab Demonstration

SILS serves all biologically-oriented student researchers with summer workshops, activities, and resources; its goal is to allow students to use on-campus tools, and each other’s expertise, to hone their abilities as researchers. Our involvement in this organization included showcasing a few of our lab techniques for several groups of students interested in pursuing similar research.