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3 July 2013

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208 lab

Main purposes today

Verify insert plated made Sunday. Run BioLector experiment.

who were in the lab

Kristian, Ariadni


Gel on colony PCR from yesterday.

Setup of BioLector experiment.

MiniPrep selected colonies and make restriction digest analysis.


The gel from colony PCR. From left to right; Sec1, Sec2, Sec3, TAT2 1, TAT2 2, TAT2 3, TAT3 1, TAT3 2, TAT3 3, TAT3 1a, TAT3 2a. Where the different TATs are either with(TAT2) or without insertion of 2 additional amino acids to ease the primer design. 1kb plus ladder(invitrogen)

No results from restriction analysis because we saw no bands on the gel. We assume that this is caused by the low DNA concentration.

Conclusion from today

TAT2 1 and TAT3 1a have the right bands on colony PCR and will be further analyzed.

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