Team:DTU-Denmark/Notebook/8 September 2013


8 September


lab 208

Who was in the lab

Henrike, Kristian, Julia


Colony PCR to verify Nir in pZA21::ara-tight

Colony PCR on the Nir transformants, testing for NirH (primers 45a, 45b, annealing 59C), NirM+S (primers 44, 11a annealing 64C) and NirN (primers 43, 11b annealing 68C).


temperature time cycles
98C 10:00 -
98C 0:10 36
59C/64C/68C 0:30 36
72C 2:00 36
72C 5:00 -
10C hold -

Colony PCR to verify HAO insert.

Primers: 28a, 28b

temperature: 59C

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