Team:Example E/Opportunity


This is a template page. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
You are provided with this team page template with which to start the iGEM season. You may choose to personalize it to fit your team but keep the same "look." Or you may choose to take your team wiki to a different level and design your own wiki. We cannot give any examples because none have been created yet. So, use your imagination and strive for clarity.
You MUST have a team description page, a description of the problem you are solving/opportunity you are creating as well as your solution, an executive summary and 3 min elevator pitch video, description and links to any source and market data, and an attributions page. PLEASE keep all of your pages within your teams namespace.

Problem and Opportunity

Describe the problem or issue you are researching or aim to solve, including quantifying the magnitude and the consequences of the problem and of your solution. I.e. Every year 200,000 cats die on Moon Base Alpha due to lactose intolerance. A solution to this tragedy has eluded the animal pharmaceutical industry. However, if those 200,000 cats could be saved, it would present a solution to the vermin infestation problem on the moon, reducing space tourists deaths of bubonic plague by 70% within 6 months.

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