Exeter iGEM 2013 · Paint by Coli



Agar snots
  • Plated our transformations onto the wrong antibiotics
  • Agar snots


  • Coughed on one of our plates that we had transformed after a ligation to see if she had a throat infection. We (Beth) got excited when something grew as we thought maybe this one ligation had worked. It had not. Not to mention, we took three liquid cultures from "Fran's cough". Three.


  • Dropped a beaker whilst washing it and smashed it


Tom's labelling
  • Dropped all the petri dishes. Twice.
  • Boiled over the agar in the microwave.
  • Stabbed through the plastic of an agar plate with her fingers.
  • Boiled over the agar in the microwave again.

Flick (our little reindeer)

  • Left columns in at end of miniprep and left out on a 30°C bench so all the stuff in the column was released into our plasmid solution
  • Suffers from terrible hayfever, so stimulates her immune system by shining red lights up her nose... It's a real product, honest!


Flick's nose
  • Plated onto wrong antibiotic plates, killed all the bacteria
  • Put stuff in fridge to incubate at 37°C
  • That ethidium bromide incident we don't talk about


  • Broke the spring in the oscillating incubator. Twice.


  • Confused KAN and CAM.... alot
  • Some very odd labelling...

Exeter iGEM 2013 · Paint by Coli