Team: iGEM Frankfurt -

The long Night of Science 2013

The long night of the sciences is an anual event which has become an established form of public relations activity in Germany where large scientific institutions hold lectures for the general public in order to present themselves. In this context we decided to give a generall talk on the prospects and ventures introduced by synthetic biology and introduce iGem and its concepts to the audience.

For this reason we were giving a talk about synthetic biology in general and then digging deeper into the topic by presenting several different plans which had been pursued by iGEM-Teams in previous years and by pointing out why these plans are so important for everyone. Thus we illustrated the possibilities given by this competition and how it brings synthetic biology forward - what lead to a very encouraging discussion held by the auditorium which broadened one's mind for new ideas and for participating by oneself.

Team: iGEM Frankfurt -

iGEM-Team Frankfurt 2013