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My name is Adam Marin and I am currently enrolled in the Biotechnology program at GCC.I will transfer to ASU to finish my bachelors degree with the hope of continuing in post studies. In my past I have served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and was fortunate to have served or trained on 4 different continents allowing me the opportunity for world experience. I spent 10 years bartending allowing myself to gain an imaginary but well deserved masters degree in psychology. I then found myself in so many words, starting over. I am lucky enough to have been given my mothers interest in science so when I returned to school the biotechnology program quickly caught my eye. It includes many disciplines of science and affords many opportunities because we are at a very unique place in history in that we are unlocking the secrets of what it is to be human and what effects our surroundings have on us. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the IGEM team because at this early point in my studies this was a chance not to be missed. A chance to work with like minded students and work closely with instructors who have years of experience on real issues concerning biology and biotechnology. I like the idea of being useful, something instilled in me while serving in the Marines. I like the idea of being part of something that is way bigger than myself. Science, biotechnology, this program at school, the IGEM challenge, my instructors, my teammates, are all invaluable key factors in the strive to be useful. What I have learned from this project, and I have said it before, is to embrace failure for it is a successful attempt at something new. Pay attention to detail, ask questions, and KEEP looking for solutions. As for my future goals and research interests, first I hope to be a student of science my entire life, the rest I'll build along the way.