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Yanet grew up in Cuba. She left her family and came to the United States to pursue her dreams on her 20th birthday, and has lived here for almost five years. Yanet is a professional contemporary and Latin dancer and dance instructor, having attended the prestigious Raul Gomez Garcia National School of Art in Holguin, Cuba. She is currently finishing her Associates of Science at Glendale Community College, and will transfer to Arizona State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. The daughter of a nurse, Yanet’s long term plan is to attend medical school and become a physician. She is a member of the Biotechnology club, Pre-Med club and GCC’s IGEM team. She also volunteers every week at Banner Thunderbird Hospital. Yanet has a passion for life, and loves to dance and tend to her garden. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her boyfriend and her miniature Schnauzer.