Team:Groningen/Labwork/10 August 2013


Inne & Sander

made streaks of the knockout strains to get single colonies and inoculated strain 3061,2737, 3305 and 2838.

Inne & Sander

Of the spores that were plated yesterday, all grew colonies. Some displayed single colonies, these were inoculated. The others that didn't have single colonies were plated again. All the negative controls were negative.
Strain inoculated/plated
OI2838 inoculated
OI3305 inoculated
OI3135 plated
OI2737 inoculated
OI3061 inoculated
OI3059 plated
OI3017 plated
OI2653 plated
Strain 2653 which had an unknown selection turned out to have Cm resistance (after contacting G. Ordal). So the bacteria were plated from the plates with Cm in them.


Tested if amyE locus was still intact -> Added Lugol's solution to the plate. No colonies showed a orange halo,
indicating that all colonies were transformed with hyperspank::GFP/YFP.