Team:Groningen/Labwork/19 July 2013



No colonies have grown on the cm plates.
There were supposed to be colonies that contained the GFP biobrick.

Sander and Erik Jan

Did a PCR of Silk 2 (strepF-R) and Silk 3 (F-StrepR).
annealing temperatures of 78 C for silk 2 an 80 C for silk 3


ran restriction analysis of silk 1 (F-R) on 0,8% agarose gel. 90 V for 34 min.
low concentration on gel.
did a ligation reaction on silk 1 with each of the Signal Sequences (MotB, FliZ, EstA and LytB) at 1:1 ratio.
did a PCR of ligation reactions. same protocol as silk 3 above.

Claudio and Mike

The final DNA sequences are checked and discussed with the one of the advisor (Ruud Detert Oude Weme).
The sequences are eventually ordered.