Team:Groningen/Labwork/22 August 2013



made a plasmid isolation of submission backbone. created a large stock. placed it in a bag in the freezer. did inoculation os s1, s2, s5 an s6 e.coli strain.


S1, S2, S5 and S6 show colonies.
SS1 and SS2 do not show any colonies.

Negative and positive control show no colony and thousands of colonies, respectively.

ColonyPCR was performed using VF2 and VR. One colony per plate was screened.
The reaction was checked on agarose gel 0.8%.
The gel shows bands at the expected height.
In order from left to right S1 (580 bps),S2 (538 bps), S5 (522 bps) and S6 (564 bps).


Transformation yesterday:
- negative control: 3 small colonies (somehow resistant to amp)
- 100┬Ál transformation mix: ~50 small colonies
- On the extra concentrated plate (EC): ~300 small colonies + 11 big colonies

Restreaked 6 of the big colonies on plate and grew them in 3ml LB/amp.