Team:Groningen/Labwork/24 September 2013



Three colonies from each plate of our silk constructs are taken and grown in LB medium with Cm. Did a mini prep reaction on these samples. To check if the samples are correct a restriction digestion is done.
A colony PCR is done for all of the ΔCheY and ΔCheYΔDes strains. The gel showed bands for both the ΔCheY and ΔCheYΔDes B. subtilis strains.
The primers for the ΔCheC mutant arrived. These are used to perform a PCR on the genomic DNA of B. subtilis 168 strain.


Loaded a 0.8% gel with samples 1 till 4 of colony PCR from delta des of the double knockout strain. Mixture that was loaded contained 5,5 uL sample + 4,5 uL 2X loading dye. 5 uL 1kb marker was used. Gel ran for 45 min at 90 volts.


did a miniprep of BB14BB18 and made a -80 C stock of same.


Bacillus subtilis 168 WT was transformed with BBa_K1085014-BBa_K1085018 and BBa_K1085014-BBa_K1085022.
The cells were plated on LB + Cm + starch and incuabated O/N.