Team:Groningen/Labwork/25 June 2013


Mirjam, Chaline and Inne

A couple of media are prepared:
-LB medium with agar 1 liter
-LB medium 0.5 liter divided into 60/80 ml portions
-70% ethanol
-1x TBE buffer 2 liter
Both LB media are autoclaved together with tooth picks, 1.5 and 2 ml eppendorf tubes. After autoclaving, the LB medium with agar is placed in the 55°C stove.

Mirjam and Claudio

B. subtilis strain 168 is inoculated in LB medium O/N at 37°C and every buffer necessary for the genomic DNA extraction is arranged.


Continued the design for the heat motility.