Team:Groningen/Labwork/27 August 2013



Did a mini prep of the colonies with biobrick BBa_k1085006, samples s7,s8,s11,s12,s13,s14. 30 uL elution buffer was used instead of 50 uL. Determined the concentration of the samples via nanodrop, also nanodropped the samples Sander miniprepped.
Sample Concentration
s3 75.6 ng/L
s4 93.3 ng/L
s9 87.9 ng/L
s10 79.4 ng/L
s7 91.6 ng/L
s8 82.8 ng/L
s11 94.8 ng/L
s12 86.6 ng/L
s13 105.6 ng/L
s14 104.5 ng/L

Inoculated the motility assay plate with wt, delta cheY and delta cheY/des. All strains will be grown in duplo overnight at 37C and 30C, time of inoculation: 18:20.


Did a mini prep of the colonies of samples s3,s4,s9,s10. Did a restriction digest of the samples and ran them over a 0,8% agarose gel. the samples were not present in the plasmids.


Designed and ordered primers to turn around the hy_spank promoter to end up with our final (correct) backbone:
Found another backbone (pX), not biobrick compatible but with sites SpeI*SdaI (same overhang as XbaI*PstI).