Team:Groningen/Labwork/28 August 2013



Plates were taken out of the incubators at 10:20, they were incubated for 16 hours.
Plates were put back into incubators at 12:39.
A picture was taken at 15:00 plates were put back in incubator at 15:14
Inoculated strains form the 0.3 37C series in minimal medium, to see if this induces motility. Tubes were put in the 37C shaker for 5 hours, starting time 15:00
17:40 plates were taken out of incubator, pictures were taken. Plates were put back in their incubators at 18:01

Inoculated new (0.4% (that were spares)) platesvwith -80 stock of wt, delta cheY and delta cheY/delta des. In case minimal medium today fails. Inoculation was done in duplo with one with pasteur pipet and the other with toothpick.

21:45 The inoculations in minimal media, have turned turbid after 5 hours at 37C with shaking.
2,5 u/L of the inoculations were put on 0.4% and 0.3% plates. After drying the plates are put in incubators, one set is grown at 37C and one on 30C.
Plates were put in incubators at 22:05.


S15 and S4 were digested with EcoRI+BamHI and PstI+BamHI respectively.
S15 and S4 were ligated into pSB1C3 (previously digested with EcoRI and PstI). One positive control reaction with only pSB1C3 (previously digested with EcoRI and PstI) was also prepared.
The ligation reactions were incubated in the fridge overnight.


made an inoculation of WT bacillus.


Inoculated E.coli harboring plasmid pX in 3ml LB/amp