Team:Groningen/Labwork/6 August 2013



Inoculated ΔDes and ΔCheY in minimal medium.
Inoculated CFP in LB medium with cm.
Mini prep analysis of Pdes/CheY. Figured out why this is not working.
Made a restriction digestion of YFP/GFP with XbaI and PstI.
Made a restriction digestion of CheY with BamHI and SpeI.
Made a ligation reaction between CFP and BBa_k823823 + LacI.
Made a ligation reaction for ΔDes and ΔCheY.
Transformed ΔDes in the backbone of ΔCheY and ΔCheY in the backbone of ΔDes.


Did a mini prep on CFP.
Did a restriction digestion on CFP with EcoRI and PstI.


The plates screened last Saturday do not show any positive result. None of the colonies screened are greenish.
The transformation of the positive candidate made last Saturday don't show any greenish colonies.


Digestion check on BBa_k823823+lacI_hyperspank (our biobrick) with GFP (made by claudio):
1: undigested vector
2: Digestion with PstI*EcoRI expected size bands: ~900; ~7000
3: 1kb marker
Transformation to E.coli of BBa_k823823 + LacI with CFP.