Name Claudio Tiecher
Role Lab Hero
Background Master in Molecular Biology
Bio Claudio is an enthusiastic learner, always willing to learn new things about the world. He also likes tinkering with any object that ends up in his hands, he faces life with an open-minded and do-it-yourself mindset. Claudio thinks that having a degree one day might be useful, so he is trying to get one in molecular biology. He decided to join iGEM because he doesn't like books and lectures too much. He likes to learn by dirtying his hands.
Duty Doing Labwork, supervising projects.
Known for His love for Rasta culture and Reggae music. He was the first of the team to acquire the iGEM spirit, and use this to greatly inspires the other members of the team. (and for eating all the cookies, damnit claudio!)