Sponsorship Levels

We except any form of donations. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

Main sponsor (investment of >€7.500)

The main sponsor will receive all the perks of the Platinum package. In addition to this, they will receive special privileges. Firstly, your logo will be shown on the first slide of the presentation, on top of all posters and flyers and on every presentation slide. We will also dedicate a portion of our time to you, to visit, to give a presentation, to discuss things or for other matters that might be of interest to you. Your company name and logo will be shown extensively and it will be directly associated with the iGEM team of the University of Groningen. We will also be willing to assist you in, for example, promotional activities. Platinum package (investment of >€3.000) In addition to the Gold package, Platinum package sponsors will be presented as one of our most important partners. Your logo will be shown on every slide of our presentation and we will clearly mention your contribution during the presentation.

Gold package (investment of >€1.500)

In addition to the Silver package, Gold package sponsors will be named at the end of the presentations during the European championship and the World championship, if we are allowed to participate. In addition, their logo will be on our flyer and they will receive a larger, more prominent logo on our posters. We can also hand out company flyers during the European and World championships.

Silver package (investment of >€500)

In addition to the Bronze package, silver package sponsors will be shown at the end of the presentations during the European championship in Lyon and during the World championship, should we be allowed to participate. Also, their logo will be shown on our posters.

Bronze package

Sponsors will be thanked during every step of our project; through our website and with a logo on our clothing which will be worn by all team members during formal occasions.

Both financial and material support is welcome!