Facts and Figures app

Since the type of data handled in the scatterplot and the timeline app is very similar, the two apps were put together into one app changing it's appearance depending on the chosen x-axis scale. For this a conditional panel was used to either display selection for the scatterplot y-axis parameters or the one for the timeline-summing parameters.

In order to have a continuous design and to be able to target both plot types to the same div the scatterplot was changed from rPlot to nPlot. This means it is now generated using nvd3 instead of the standard R-methods.

Additionally a selection for the categories was added. The data displayed can now be grouped by either region, track or medal awarded. The grouping per year is no longer needed, since the timeline gives the optimal time-resolution of the data.

Methods app

The goal of the methods app was to quickly lead the user to wikis providing high quality protocols for various methods. For this purpose the methods were clustered and now the interface was implemented. It contains two main drop down menus - one for the method cluster and one for the particular method. The options given in the second drop down menu are determined by the first one via conditional panels. There is only one responsive filter applied to the data, which is similar to that for matching the awards. The only differences are, that exact matches instead of regular expressions are detected in the data set and that no empty rows have to be deleted resulting data set. The result is displayed only through the table containing all teams matching the method, which can again be customized regarding the number and order of teams.
To give an overview over the most popular - or until now the most mentioned - methods a table displaying the top 10 methods was added to be constantly displayed in the application. Unfortunately this list only contains 9 elements using the current list of methods and thus the list has to be extended and the text analysis has to be optimised.

Topics app

In the topics app the main element is the entry box, where the user can enter a term to find, which works very similar to the entry box for team name filter. The text turns red when there is no exact match in the meshterms assigned to the teams and otherwise black. Those teams exactly matching the searched term are again displayed in a tabular format. The filter function currently is exactly the same as for the methods, but has to be altered, to also allow for typing mistakes, case unsensitivity and partial string matches. Here we also added a list of the top 10 topics.