Bug fixing

We noticed, that not all of the award filters gave the right number of teams. This was due to false unlisting in the JSON to RData conversion script. After fixing this bug and after removing the false runner up awards in 2011 all the awards were finally correct.
By converting the methods to lower case before matching them methods missing beforehand, as for example Gibson and FRET, could also be detected.

Design adjustments

In order to have a nice layout when integrating the apps into a page resembling our wiki, a text box gicing a short introduction to the corresponding app was put next to the major input elements. This top section is now optically separated from the results area and all apps fit nicely into the minimum width of the iframe, which is 900px.

Chart details

As most of our charts are only displaying discrete values we wanted to get rid of the extra decimal positions in the axis labeling. This was achieved by adding a short piece of javascript in the corresponding nvd3 plot parameters. Since the number of tick marks was not reduced by the rounding of the numbers this produced repetitive tick marks if only small values were displayed. To avoid this the height and the position of the plot were changed depending on the number of ticks to be displayed. As the final detail browser compatibility tags were added to the css and axis labels were added to the plots.