Here you can see all the templates we used for building up our wiki pages:

  • StartPage
    • Use: In the beginning of every page in order to set styles, reactivities, navigation, etc.
    • Argument 1: Title displayed in the organge headline
    • Argument 2: Navigation template to use on the left side of the page
  • EndPage
    • Use: At the end of each page to close all opened divs and to include the sponsors
    • No arguments
  • TopNavigation
    • Use: Included in the StartPage template -> no manual use!
    • No arguments
  • Navi_left_Team
    • Use: Navigation template for Team page
  • Navi_left_Project
    • Use: Navigation template for Project page
  • Navi_left_Achievements
    • Use: none (included in Project template)
  • Navi_left_Notebook
    • Use: Navigation template for Notebook main page
  • Navi_left_LabJournals
    • Use: Navigation template for LabJournal pages
  • Gelpicture
    • Use: Include gelpictures as right floating images
    • Arguments are not yet fully defined besides 1: width and 2:image url starting with "wiki/images/..." from within
  • Navi_left_Safety
  • Teampicture
    • Use: Include single picture of every teammember
    • Arguments are starting with "File:Heidelberg_....." from within