Team:Heidelberg/Templates/Indigoidine week6 overview


Indigoidine Production - bpsA

This week we repeated the co-transformation of both the E. coli Rosetta and the BAP1 strain with the bpsA (pMM64) and the svp (pMM65) plasmids. The E. coli BAP1 strain is a variant of E. coli BL21(DE3) and contains the sfp PPTase from B. subtilis 168 (Nakano 1992, Quadri 1998) and a T7-promoter, brought in using a genomic integration approach (Pfeifer 2001). The Pfeifer lab kindly supported us by sending the BAP1 strain.
After induction, liquid cultures of positive BAP1 transformants should turn blue.

Both strains still didn't turn blue when grown and induced on plate and in liquid culture, even after some days with different growth conditions. We continued with the validation of the pMM-plasmids.