DelH Cloning

  • DelH colonies grown after 24 h (two big and one small colony)
  • No blue colonies
  • Anja will replace Fanny and Hannah in the lab until friday
  • Suggestion: check on blue colonies only with easy backbone ligation


  • Probably received the right plasmids
  • results not as good as in paper (not as blue)
  • BAP1 + plasmid is stronger
  • Gibson cloning of activating gene and NRPS on one plasmid
  • Tomorrow miniprep on picked colonies
  • Suggestion: Check expression of ribosome binding site with mCherry-lac system

Genomic integration

  • Probably not enough DNA -> PCR with new primers
  • Colonies definitely negative
  • making fresh competent cells


  • Several deadlines for different components
  • Deadline 8.7.
  • text mining should work
  • currently working on components and putting them together
  • next meeting on 1.7. 19h at Julia


  • NRPS estimation of computational feasibility
  • Project proposal - lots of feedback -> will be finished tomorrow evening
  • NRPS library should maybe get some more space in proposal -> Philipp until tomorrow
  • If we lack time in the lab we have to pe prepared properly including all primers.
  • We should have an internal meeting before tuesday to discuss about motivation, time we want to spend.

Agenda for next meeting (2.7.2013 19h)

  • Report Berlin (Philipp)
  • Lab update (all lab people)
  • iGEM42 (Julia)
  • Motivation & time schedule
  • Sponsoring update

Agenda for next meeting (3.7.2013 18h)

  • Lab update (all lab people)