Power Cut

Power was down for 10 min in Labs --> Lab Materials should still be fine.



  • DelH fragments are ready for ligation
  • LacZ, AraC --> Cut again and purified
  • Backbone --> New Backbone is being amplified in bacteria taken from stock

Plan: Purify, Digest and PCR of backbone (could then be ligated with DelH on wednesday)


  • Transformation of SVP and Bps in individual E.coli succeeded

Plan: Get BL23C3 and cotransform both Plasmids


  • Partsregistry kit shipping: At the moment some problems with customs
  • Lab materials will be ordered tomorrow

To do:

  • Document glycerol stocks etc.
  • Nikos: Ask Silvan and Jan if we can have script for getting PCR-protocols of PCR machine
  • Hanna: Doodle for date for arranging everything in the lab

Symposium BMBF

  • 27th of June
  • Human practice?
  • Poster has to be made --> don't put too much effort in it
  • Nils starts creating a poster

Who wants to go?: Hanna, Philipp, Nils, Fanny, Tania, maybe Konrad?



  • Script which gets data from databank to R is ready (uploaded on Github)
  • Next step: designing apps


  • rApache (Ilia) vs. Shiny (Nikos)

Cost analysis

  • Complete one is not feasible
  • Instead: Only analyse single methods (can be chosen by user, website returns protocols, costs, teams that have used the method)
  • Next step: Look for methods, which could be analysed


  • Which is our target group??
  • Connect iGEM pulse with our project (for example evaluate our team with it)


  • Template mail for sponsoring is nearly ready
  • Template project proposal of Eils didn't arrive yet