Database redesign

The database was redesigned in order to better represent the natural composition of NRPS.

Extensions of user interface

The php-scripts for filling our database were adapted to the new database-structure and customized so that different tables in the database could be filled with them.

Nils finally uses a real operating system

After weeks of agony and trouble with his MacBook, Nils finally decided to follow the advice of master Ilia and made him install aptosid on his computer. Of course, because aptosid (based on Debian Sid) is not as user-friendly as Ubuntu, Nils and Ilia spent quite some time in order to change the background image from Fred the crab (the mascot of aptosid) to something else. Anyway, at least Nils has now a Linux distribution and maybe we will be able to convince our advisor Tim to also get rid of his Mac operating system.