Team:Heidelberg/Tyrocidine week23 interms


Tyrocidine-Indigoidine-Fusion - extended

For the additional Tyrocidine-Indigoidine-fusion constructs, we performed restriction digest after miniprep for validation of the constructs. This restriction digest was performed with PstI, hence a single band is expected at the size of the respective plasmids.

In the gel picture however, a second band was visible for all fragments, which suggests presence of contamination. But as this second band occured in all lanes, we believe that the source of the contamination lies in the restriction digest and not in the mini-preps. Conclusively, we selected the positive constructs for transformation. After cotransformation with the PPTase-construct pRB15 in NEB-turbo-cells, they were grown at 37°C and picked the next day. The liquid culture was induced as soon as OD = ~0.5 with 1mM IPTG.