Team:Heidelberg/Tyrocidine week23 variation


Colony PCR of LV3B-8A

Restriction digest of LV3B,3C,3D,5A,5B and LV8A

A miniprep of these constructs was done by the use of the QuiaPrep Kit. Measurements via nanodrop displayed the following concentrations:

Construct Concentration [ng/┬Ál] A260/280
LV3B 240,5 4,809/2,51
LV3C 170,3 3,41/1,81
LV3D 197,8 3,96/2,07
LV5A 212,6 4,25/1,256
LV5B 202,7 4,05/2,13
LV8A 40,1 0,802/0,44

These DNA fragments were digested with PstI. The Constructs 3B,3D 5B and 8A showed the desired bands. Hence, we transformed them in NEB-Turbo cells, by co-transformation with a PPTase. Some of the colonies (especially the colonies of LV8A) turned blue on the plates. Liquid cultures were prepared from all colonies we picked and induced with IPTG.