Team:Hong Kong HKU/humanpractice/minijamboree


Collaborations with other Chinese iGEM Teams

In 2013, we, HKU iGEM team, pleased to have the honor to participate in Taiwan Mini Jamboree hosted by National Chiao Tong University (NCTU) in Taiwan. Seven teams from Taiwan and China also take part in it. During this jamboree, we share our project with other teams. They help us to revise it and offer their opinions and comments. Apart from exchanging ideas during presentations, we discuss problems and generate solutions to better our project during the break as well. While the project posters hanged on the wall, it is easier for us to review other teams work and, hence, more ideas burst out. Also, through this jamboree, we are able to establish cooperation with other teams to exchange our biobricks and characterize them. All in all, we are glad that we can attend the jamboree since we learn a lot from our peers. They find out our lost part and give us advice. We did take some of their suggestion and be inspired by them. Thank you! NCTU! For hosting such a great event!