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This project can be done by iGEM ITB_Indonesia 2013 team members and our collaborator. Super labwork started from May 2013 onwards. Our team have worked well dan most dedicated for this project.
Early, the idea of whole cell biosensor for aflatoxin detection was developed by team before superlawork. We planned and carried out the experiments, modelling, human practice, and design of our device. We have given directions from our advisors before but only a consultative function.

Project name: AFLATOXIN BIOSENSOR - Whole cell biosensor for detecting aflatoxin

Our team consist of variant background of knowledge, ther are from science and engineering. We have many talents that no have one for the others. For finishing this project we mapped our talent to variant job following as:

Team Leader :
Ari Dwijayanti
Construct :
Ari Dwijayanti, Indra Rudiansyah, Nuke Ayu Febryana
Difussion model, Modeling System :
Dimas Dwi Adiguna, Lili Melani
Fundraiser team :
Indra Rudiansyah, Lili Melani, Ari Dwijayanti, Nuke Ayu Febryana
Visual graphic design team :
Dimas Dwi Adiguna, Riandy Rahman
Wiki team :
Dimas Dwi Adiguna, Riandy Rahman
Human practice team :
Ari Dwijayanti, Dimas Dwi Adiguna, Indra Rudiansyah, Lili Melani, Nuke Ayu Febryana, Riandy Rahman
Treasurer :
Nuke Ayu Febryana
Secretary and Public Relation :
Lili Melani and Indra Rudiansyah
Collaborators :
Ryandi Pratama, Ihsan Tria Pramanda, Mochamad Apri (Model Advisor and Proofreader)
Special Thanks to :
Judy Meow for the picture (