The ATF1 gene encodes aldehyde dehydrogenase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ATF1 catalyzes the conversion of isoamyl acetate from isoamyl alcohol. The ATF1 gene was previously submitted by the MIT team in 2006, and here we compared the activity of isoamyl acetate production between ATF1 and ATF2.


It is the gene encoding aldehyde dehydrogenase of yeast. We have submitted a new BioBrick part, which was the ATF2 gene encoding the enzyme that produces isoamyl acetate from isoamyl alcohol.


This gene encodes an enzyme involved in the production of aromatic odor in yeast cells. we submitted a new BioBrick part that encodes an aldehyde degradative enzyme.

Growth Curves

Valuable information about reporter genes

We examined the growth of various transformants expressing reporter genes such as GFP, RFP, and CFP. You can see the effects of reporter genes on the growth of E. coli cells through the growth curves. Our data suggest a helpful clue for iGEMers when they choose appropriate parts in their future studies.