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Secret garden

Congratulations! You've found our secret garden! Follow the instructions below and win a great prize at the World jamboree!

  • A video shows that two of our team members are having great fun at our favourite company. Do you know the name of the second member that appears in the video?
  • For one of our models we had to do very extensive computations. To prevent our own computers from overheating and to keep the temperature in our iGEM room at a normal level, we used a supercomputer. Which centre maintains this supercomputer? (Dutch abbreviation)
  • We organised a symposium with a debate, some seminars and 2 iGEM project presentations. An iGEM team came all the way from the Netherlands to present their project. What is the name of their city?

Now put all of these in this URL:, (loose the brackets and put everything in lowercase) and follow the very last instruction to get your special jamboree prize!

tree ladybugcartoon

Ultimately our project aims to reduce crop loss due to aphid infestations. Because of practical reasons and difficulties with regulations, we were unable to conduct a field experiment for our BanAphids this summer. Instead we turned to our best friend again: the computer. We created a model, based on diffusion and convection equations, to simulate the effect of our pheromones on the ecosystem.

Ecological impact of the BanAphids

On this page you will get a thorough explanation of the steps taken, the software used and the results. This data can then be used to better plan field tests and provides useful information for the end user.