Jianwen Hou gives us technical guidance that make sure our experiment go the right way.

Han Wang is the leader of LZU-iGEM team. She has a great knowledge about molecular and cell level experiment. And she arranges all missions in our project.

Xiaomeng Li is the primary contacter of our team. He plays a vital role in molecular biology meanwhile he is in charge of contacting with other iGEM teams, including Peking and BIT iGEM team. He also takes active part in website.

Qi Zhang makes great contributions to the experiments at the molecular level.

Ruohan Zhu is one of core members of LZU-iGEM team. She is quite good at molecular biology.

Bin Zhang is the captain of the website part, he devote himself to designing wiki web.

Ningbo Si is an expert in web design and helped us work out the fantanstic wiki web.


Here we express our gratitude to the great support from School of Life Science LanZhou University, and technical support from our instractor Jinbo Yang and Jinbo Yang's lab. And we also express our heartfelt thanks to Peking and BIT 2013 iGEM teams.
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