iGEM Leicester Test Page 2012


Team Attributions

All team members contributed to work in the lab and the writing up of a wiki. Ideas for the direction of research came from both team members and supervisors.
Cakes for the bake sales came from Parmdeep.
The CSE instructional video was filmed by Chris Morton starring Alice.

The modelling data used for the project, was done by the 2012 Leicester iGEM team.

Thanks to:

Our supervisors Dr Badge, Dr Dalgleish and Prof Ketley
Our advisors Chris Morton and Duccio Conti.
The occupants of lab 121 who allowed us to use their lab space and put up with all our questions.
Dr Liu Li of the Chemistry who carried out Mass Spectrometry to detect limonene.
Dr Jamieson who allowed us to burn (and dissolve) things in his lab!
Thanks to our sponsors; GENIE, Bioline, promega, Styropack, Heathrow Scientific LLC.
The British Plastics Federation, EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) group provided the majority of the funds to enable us to attend the European Jamboree. Jablite (Styropacks's sister company) provided us with lots of polystyrene and the EPS moulding protocol to carry out the combustion and limonene experiments.