Suneet Kharey

Hello, my name is Suneet (sun-eat). This is my first year in iGEM, I've always been intrigued by synthetic biology so I'm grateful for this opportunity. In my free time (which is currently non-existent) I enjoy learning new languages (currently at 3), painting, buying more Doc Martens, and pointing out obscure constellations in the night sky. Currently I am learning French and teaching myself how to play the Harmonica.

Graeme Glaister

I am a fourth year B.Sc. Neuroscience student, planning on pursuing a Master’s degree. This is my first year in iGEM. I grew up in Fort McMurray but moved to Lethbridge in Jr. High. The reason I chose to participate in iGEM is so that I could have the unique experience (for an undergrad) of participating in the planning process for an experiment as well as the necessary lab work. I eagerly look forward to continuing on with iGEM in 2014.

Zak Stinson

Hey, I'm Zak, and I am an iGEMmer. I thought I was almost free of my fascination with genetic technologies when I transferred to the neuroscience program at the U of L in 2011 from biology at the U of R, but I lapsed right back when I learned that iGEM existed. I thought I had refocused when I began doing behavioural experiments with rats, but immediately searched out and executed a synthetic biology project designing a system for reporting gene activity in the brains of live animals. After completing my B.Sc. in neuroscience this summer I will likely continue to design synthetic biology projects in the M.Sc. neuroscience program at the U of L as I am dangerously hooked. So I guess I'll talk to you all next year!

Dustin Smith

Hello, my name is Dustin Smith. I was born and raised in Lethbridge, and I am now a Master’s student majoring in Biochemistry. I’m happy to be back with the University of Lethbridge iGEM team for a third year, and as always it has been a great experience. Outside of school my favorite activities are ice hockey, snowboarding, and lifting.

Jenna Friedt

Hello, my name is Jenna and I am one of the graduate student advisors for the 2013 Lethbridge iGEM team. Since I’m convinced I was born in the wrong era, I’m currently looking for assistance in inventing a time machine to send me back to the ‘50s, where I would happily fit in with the bubblegum rockers and poodle skirt-wearing youth of the day. Until that happens, I’ll settle for nights on the patio listening to the Beatles, reading a good book, and watching Audrey Hepburn movies.

Harland Brandon

Harland is an avid biochemist pursuing his Masters degree. In his spare time he enjoys building and creating new things, as such it was only natural that he continued with his interest in iGEM. Having been around the competition for four years now he has decided to take a backseat role in guiding and mentoring the schools iGEM team. When you don't find him in lab or at the university he can most likely be found at his computer playing or enjoying a fine strong Scottish beverage.

Supervisor: Hans-Joachim Wieden

Originally from Germany I moved to Canada in 2005 to start a research group on the structure and function of the bacterial protein synthesis machinery, a cellular process targeted by over 50% of the known antibiotics. I am intrigued by the molecular design and function of this essential bio-nanomachine. I try to unravel the underlying design principles in order to enable the rational design and engineering of novel bio-nanomachines. I am essentially asking the question if such novel bio-machines can be constructed from simple and fundamental principles or are these assemblies just too complex. Well and that’s why it was extremely easy to rope me into doing iGEM.