iGEM 2012

Who We Are

Brandon Nadres Chamille Lescott Hao Xing
Hyodong Lee Kyle Lathem Lauren St. Hilaire
Molly Klimak Mounica Paturu Nelson Hall


Professor Ron Weiss

Joined the BE and EECS faculties as dual associate professor (with tenure) starting in July 2009, having moved from Princeton University where he held comparable rank in their department of electrical engineering and with a joint appointment in their department of molecular biology. His degrees are double BA in Computer Science and Economics from Brandeis University (1992), followed by SM and PhD in EECS at MIT (1994, 2001). Professor Weiss is a prominent and widely respected figure in the emerging field known as ‘synthetic biology’, with emphasis on designing molecular circuits governing cell behavior using quantitative systems modeling approaches. He is expected to help lead MIT’s efforts in both synthetic biology and systems biology, and indeed to guide their integration.


Dr. Samira Kiani

Dr. Brian Teague

Dr. Jon Babb

Deepak Mishra