Team:MSOE Milwaukee/Modeling


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A large aspect of our project was to assess the feasibility of industrial use. The first portion was determining the theoretical enzyme activity and total turnover rate.

After the total turnover rate was calculated, the next step was to design a bioreactor to carry out the reaction. A batch reactor was selected over a continuous reactor to best suit the bacterial life cycle. The governing equations of a bioreactor were used to calculate the concentration of the substrate, cells and product concentration. The inhibitory affect of eucalyptol on cell growth was found to be negligible when accounting for the bioreactor concentration. Preliminary cost assessment is shown in the table below.

Table showing the feasibility assessment of designing a plant capable of producing eucalyptol.

Reactor Size Operating Cost Product Cost Current Market Cost Profit at $10/kg Payoff time
10,000L ~$5million/yr $5.51/kg $64/kg ~$4.6million/yr 4 years