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About Us


Manaus is the Capital of Amazonas State in Brazil. Located in the heart of Amazon rainforest is one of the main economical and geographical hubs in the North region of South America. Is a city situated in the confluence of Negro and Amazon Rivers known as “the meeting of waters”. Is one of the most known Brazilian cities mainly as an ecotouristic destination.The surrounding area is a naturalist’s paradise, replete with plants and animals of all kinds. People from all over the world come to see this tropical biome in its plenitude. We are proud to show to all iGEMers the science is made in our region and the potentials we have with all this biodiversity around us. We strongly believe it’s a time to engage on Synthetic Biology and make the difference! You are very welcome to know our iGEM project and our great team. Thanks a lot for visiting our wiki and hope you enjoy it!

The Federal University of Amazonas and the Amazonas State University

Most of team are students or professors of the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and the Amazonas State University (UEA). UFAM University was founded in 1909 and is considered one of the oldest Brazilian universities. It has more than 20 thousand students and 96 under graduation courses. UFAM has four campuses in the Amazonas State (which is the largest state in Brazil). In Manaus campus it has one of the largest urban rainforest fragments where you can find truly open-air botanical and zoological laboratory! UEA is a much younger university with a very innovative structure and spirit, and a powerful Institute of Technology with great facilities. Its campuses cover virtually the whole State of Amazonas, having the excellence in social inclusion. For the whole team it is being a pleasure working with all these people around, for sure we have achieved friendship and network for our researches and after all we’ve made together a heck of team! Inspired by the wonderful teams around the world, we are the pioneers in our region (Brazilian Amazon) in participating in the iGEM competition. We are coming with full energy and looking forward to participate in the Jamborees!


In 2012 we begin to be interested in the iGEM competition and excited about it we started with meetings for better understanding of synthetic biology and brainstorms to decide on a project to start with. After so many ideas we choosed the Eletrobacter project. Excited and dedicated to this we put our hands on the work and our feet on the battle ground. The team consists of undergraduate students in biotechnology, designer and chemical engineering besides masters’s students and instructors. Take a closer look on us: