All experimental, modelling and human practices research and work was undertaken by the team unless otherwise explicitly stated here.
We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us over the course of our project, without you all this would have been impossible! Thanks especially go to our advisors, who let us use their lab equipment and many reagents without hesitation. We really appreciate everything.

Thank you, in particular, to:

Our Instructors:
Prof. Eriko Takano and Prof. Rainer Breitling, for letting us use your lab space, helping us plan our project timeline efficiently, and giving very useful advice on how we can progress with our project both experimentally and in modelling

Our advisors:
Dr. Karl Payne, for assisting with gene synthesis, being an invaluable source of advice and for not getting annoyed with us constantly asking for aliquots of competent cells!

Dr. Nicholas Rattray, for carrying out the quenching and extraction of metabolites from cell cultures and running our samples in the Orbitrap LC-MS

Dr. Vicky Jackson, for assisting both in the lab and with the model

Dr. Wayne Aubrey, for providing us with basic lab training at the start of the project, and providing us with advice and reagents

Dr. Neil Swainston, for offering guidance on our model, and providing introductory tutorials to the software used

Dr. Nicole Leferink, for providing us restriction enzymes and competent cells

Dr. Jayendra Shankar, for guiding us through the fadD knockout, and providing us with lab consumables

Denis Abramov, for implementing our designs for the wiki

Beata Czajkowska, for donating lab equipment and helping us order consumables from stores

Nick Weise, for providing us with reagents for making the FAS media, introducing us to the nanodrop machine and always being on hand if we needed any advice

Prof. Mattheos Koffas, for providing us with the FAS module

Dr. Andy Balmer, for having early discussions with us that helped us to delve deeper into the world of human practices and the knowledge deficit assumption

Jérémy Férrant, for providing us with software to allow us to randomly generate values for parameters for the model

Dr. Nigel Hodson of the University of Manchester BioAFM Facility, for donating his time to view our samples using AFM and charging us discount price

Dr. Matthew Hickman, for discussing how to do public outreach effectively, leading to our successful Science Stars and open day events

Dr. Catherine Rhodes, for having a chat about economic concepts such as the impact of biofuels and patenting with us

Dr Rosalind le Feuvre and Chris Cowan, for assisting with financial matters

Dr. Tanya Aspinall, for providing the team with a health and safety induction

Lesley-Ann Miller, for assisting with organising travel arrangements for the jamboree

Katy Denniff & colleagues, for organising the community open day, where we had a stall

Rose Richardson & colleagues, for organising the science stars event, where we had a workshop