Once the methods described during this project have been fully optimised, we believe that the ideas presented here have the potential to become a real player in the palm oil market. Producing the main palm oil components the E. c(oil)i way would drive down costs and, more importantly, safeguard the remaining rainforests. The following pages are a summary of our business plan, and the full document can be found by clicking on the button to the right.

Executive Summary

E. c(oil)i has identified the following objectives to pursue in the upcoming years:
  • Become a major player in the palm oil industry
  • Have our business be the go-to place to purchase cheap, environmentally friendly palm oil
  • Reach profitability within 5 years from when we start full production of our product.

Mission Statement
E. c(oil)i’s mission is to meet customers’ increasing demands for a more sustainable palm oil by providing them with a clean, more environmentally friendly alternative

Keys To Success
Our keys to making this venture a success are:
  • Maintaining our core-values to only provide a more sustainable alternative to the palm oil produced by competitors
  • Maintain low operating costs
  • Keep the supply chain to a minimum number of steps to ensure convenience for our target market

E. c(oil)i’s main goal is to provide a synthetic palm oil for our consumers in a way that is more sustainable, and more cost effective than our competitors.

E. c(oil)i will operate from one major site in Malaysia that will encompass multiple large vats and outlying buildings for admin and research purposes.

Our unique selling point of producing a more environmentally friendly alternative to naturally grown palm oil will be the driving force behind generating interest and sales from consumers and manufacturers. Their policies to use more environmentally friendly palm oil will ensure their repeat business, which our business will rely upon. We expect that, as arable land continues to dwindle in palm oil producing countries and the price of palm oil continues to soar, E. c(oil)i will appeal more and more to customers’ sense of convenience and value.

Photo © Bilfinger SE