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We smile. We shed tears. We strive for the best. These are the little BIG things we have done.

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For light-regulated system

  • Installed a “two component system(cph8)” that can respond to red light
  • To construct a more directly sensor to red light, we designed a new promoter, Pred, which originated from Pompc
  • Improved the biobrick BBa_I15010, and constructed a functional counterpart, BBa_K1017301
  • Proved that the Pred is able to work by experiment

For temperature-regulated system

  • Designed a great RNA thermometer it can regulate the translation efficiency as temperature changing
  • Proved that this system can work by comparing the GFP expression at different temperature

For small RNA-regulated system

We painted a colorful image, by using different RBS to produce the RFP. From the inside out, the colony is rRBS, B0032 and B0034, respectively.
  • Designed a regulated system its inhibition work under RNA level
  • Constructed a functional sRNA biobrick
  • Constructed the target RBS of sRNA
  • Proved that the target RBS can really work as a RBS and performed better than other iGEM common RBS
  • Proved our small RNA-regulated system can really work

For Modeling

  • Using ANFIS system to do machine learning, we modify the efficiency of luxR promoter and 37 oC RBS with experimental data.
  • We combine the data of two or more units or conditions to stimulate the model of red promoter and 37 oC RBS, and use the experimental data to fix and give our simulation a higher accuracy.
  • By combining with some of the simulation, experimental data and hypothesis, we make a more correctly simulation of the control of our Ecolightuner.

For Human Practice

  • Held a conference in this summer time, many Chinese teams and Taiwanese teams participated this conference.
  • Promoted Synthetic Biology communication in Asia by the conference
  • Held a summer camp to senior high school students, teaching them many knowledge of Synthetic Biology
  • Used a Chinese guiding book about iGEM to teach people who want to know Synthetic Biology
  • Did a survey to understand the knowing Synthetic Biology level of the publics in Taiwan

For Wiki

The core value of wiki are the openness and its coeditable property. As people tried to beautify the pages, too often that the wiki becomes merely a work handled by one person. It digresses from the core value of wiki. Therefore, to bring back its role, we build a system not only more user-friendly and eye-pleasing but also coeditable and smart.

Following wiki requirements for iGEM 2013


Our wiki follows the requirements announced by iGEM. We understand that wiki serves as a resource for current and future iGEMers, so our code, images and files are all hosted on the server to prevent from data losing.

In addition, we not only put the user editing menu on the top of the screen, we also place the footer box on the bottom of every page, including creative commons logo, mediawiki logo and some links, because these are useful information that shouldn't be hidden.

Utilizing wiki markup language and BioBricks registry


To layout the pages, the wiki site is often completely written by HTML rather than the expected wiki markup language. We believe that wiki language encourages users to be more involved into the project since it's easy to use. Thus, we build a website letting users to edit contents by wiki language but at the same time have a cleaner layout by HTML.

What's more, for the Biobricks page, the table is directly fetched from the Biobrick Registry website. Not only it gets timely updates when new parts are registered, but it intertwines wiki and part wiki into a unique iGEM-centric system.

Responsible design that re-layouts for different resolution


Our wiki site implements a more modern method to create the layout. As the window size changes, text reflows and layout rearranges accordingly. It supports various screen size down from smartphones and up to computers. To be future-proof, it's touch-friendly and can even support large-width devices such as 4KTV!

Contents in wiki are easily editable


When iGEMers log into, "Edit" link for each sections appears automatically. Users can click into specific section to modify it. The history log of the page (link located at the top of the screen) can show the section modified and the user who modified it. Since editing contents becomes so straight-forward, our team members edit it spontaneously. We believe the coeditability suggests the spirit of cooperating and sharing, which are what wiki ought to be and the reason why iGEM lets us show our project upon wiki. Please check out the history log of our project page.

User-friendly functions


To elevate the user experience, we introduce a submenu that fix on the screen when scrolling though the page. It serves as a normal menu that links to each section. So what's special about it? It is so smart that it shows the place we're currently browsing, and the links to sub-section that collapsed at first will expand automatically.

We also introduce buttons for changing the font size and a button that can back to the top of the page when page is scrolled down. This wiki is also friendly for blind and visually impaired people that use screen reading softwares.

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