Outreach Resource Library

The Outreach Resource Library is a database of general purpose iGEM outreach materials created by NRP_UEA_Norwich 2013 iGEM team.
Each year many iGEM teams organise outreach events designed to inform the general public about synthetic biology.
This Library aims to speed up the process of event organisation for the iGEM community by providing ready made information and templates which can be edited by teams.
It also offers an opportunity for teams to upload a general audience-friendly explanation of their project, so that teams can quickly obtain this information without searching through the Wikis. Teams might want to use such information to add to general purpose pamphlets for outreach activities.
Resources could include: Pamphlets, Podcasts, Videos, Stickers, Badges, List of useful web links, ….etc.



Synthetic Biology Explained


  • NRP UEA 2013 Public Engagement Leaflet:


Team Project Abstracts

Here teams can enter a short abstract about their project.



Developing Biosensors to detect Antimycin producing Streptomycetes
Our project has focused on preparing various DNA molecules (vectors) that can be used to screen for antibiotic–producing bacteria in the soil. The vectors will be used to screen Streptomyces bacteria in particular, the largest known source of antibiotics. To test the vectors, we have received soil samples from all over the world (including here in Norfolk!), which we aim to screen and create a better picture of the Streptomyces strains present. This could facilitate the discovery of novel antibiotics to combat the growing epidemic that is antibiotic resistance.