Trondheim iGEM 2013


In addition to our advisors we would like to thank the following people for contributing with their assistance in our project.

Ian MacDonald, Duke University
For giving advise and helping establish the vesicle isolation protocole.

Inga-Maria Frick, Lund University
For giving advise and establishing the health risk of introducing Protein G in nonpathogenic E.coli.

Kjersti Wik Larssen and Tore Toksdal Stubhaug, St. Olavs Hospital
For preparing genomic DNA from different S.dysgalactiae subsp. Equisimilis samples.

Merethe Christensen Vadseth, NTNU
For giving us the needed safety training, giving advise regarding work in the lab and supplying us with needed equipment.

Simone Balzer, NTNU
For giving advise regarding experiments.

Frida J. Krüger and her TV-team, Schrödingers katt
For making us TV-stars!