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In the past 50 years, molecular biology has made tremendous progress.

This would not have been posiible if not for E.coli which was used
by many scientists as model organism for various experiments.

E.coli's easiness of biological engineering its DNA and fast reproduction rate has made it
an essential tool for conducting molecular biological experiments.

The knowledge gained from the usage of E.coli have made recent advancements
in various fields of study such as medicine and agriculture possible.

Despite of this the importance of E.coli is underestimated by the public.

 In any age understanding and support from the public is crucial to advancement in science.

Our project's objecitve is to have the public gain better understanding of E.coli
and its role in our advancement of our lives.

“Empathetic E.coli

To achieve our goal, we have constructed

“Empathetic E.coli” that is like a multi-cellular helps each other.

iGEM Osaka Theory Group have made mathematical models

to understand how colony patterns look like.

Syuichi Iwakiri built differential equations

to describe the movement of E.coli and nutrition.

Hiroki Nishiyama did simulations of the equations.

The Theory Group have discovered a unique patterns ,

for example , a fractal pattern and cross-like pattern.


Under certain conditions, E.coli(WT) makes very beautiful patterns.

We would like everyone to know that interesting characteristics of E.coli,

We developed Rearing Kit For E.coli “E.col-interior.”

"Open campus”

We proposed a booth for students to do DNA extract experiments .

We carried out it in Open Campus of Osaka University.

The main purpose is knowing well about DNA and biology.