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Drug Screening

Monday 16th September

Cloning gBlock FdxA and Biobricking FprA and SirA

FprA and SirA were PCRed with FprA BB F, FprA BB R, SirA BB F and SirA BB R primers respectfully. The PCR was run with an annealing temperature of 60C with an extension time of 1m40s using Phusion polymerase. The band of ~1400bp was cut out and cleaned up using a Quagen Gel Extraction Kit.

Restriction Digestion of gBlock FdxA with NcoI and HindIII. pET FprA was also digested with NcoI and HindIII. Digestion lasted 30 minutes at 37C afterwhich enzymes were heat inactivated at 80C for 20 minutes. Digestions were ligated together using 6.5ul of FdxA insert and 2ul of FprA into a total volume of 10ul.

PCR products for FprA and SirA along with linearized pSB1c3 backbone were digested with EcoRI and PstI for 30m at 37C. Restriction enzymes were then heat inactivated at 80C for 20 minutes. Digestions were then ligated together using equal amounts of 2ul insert to 2ul of backbone.