This project would not even come to life if it weren't for the support of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Institute of Computer Science at the Poznan University of Technology.

We have participated in the "Generation of the Future" programme that supplied us with 200000 PLN for research, registration, accomodation and administration. On the other hand, as the formalities were quite a burden and we were running out of time before the project has even started, we would not be able to even pay the registration fee if the Institute did not support us.

As this was our first grant, we were absolutely not aware of the obstacles we were going to deal with (even if we were aware we were not aware). The law was not on our side, but many kind people from the Ministry, Poznan University of Technology, Adam Mickiewicz University and the Institute of Computer Science were.

The symbolic ceremony of receiving the funds was held on May 8th 2013 in Warsaw in the gardens of the Prime Minister's (in the middle) offices. Another team from our university, participating in Robots Intellect 2014 was also granted financial support.


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