Giving Credit Where It's Due


Summer laboratory and research work was done by Amanda Shanley, Chris Thompson, James Nolan, Charlotte Hoo, Xiuyuan Yang, Nidhi Menon, and Austin Hogan. The robustness project was done by Amanda Shanley, Nidhi Menon, and Austin Hogan. The standardized datasheet project was worked on by Chris Thompson and Charlotte Hoo. The BCD project was done by James Nolan and Xiuyuan Yang. The human practices portion of the project was headed up by Peter Mercado, Amanda Shanley, Ryan Wagner, Betsy Benner, and Swetha Vinjimoor. The wiki was coded and designed by Alec Gorge. The wiki content was written by Amanda Shanley, Chris Thompson, James Nolan, Peter Mercado, Charlotte Hoo, Ryan Wagner, Swetha Vinjimoor, and Betsy Benner.

Purdue University Support

The Purdue Biomakers want to thank everyone at Purdue University who made out project this year possible. The College of Agriculture, the College of Engineering, the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, and the School of Agricultural and Biological Engineering all provided funds and support for members of our team. The Bindley Bioscience Center in Discovery Park provided our lab space this summer and fall.

Adviser and Instructor Support

The Purdue Biomakers would like to thank all of our faculty and grad school advisers this year, including Dr. Jenna Rickus, Dr. Kari Clase, Soo Ha, Janie Brennan, and Jen Kahn. We would also like to thank some of the staff at The Bindley Bioscience Center for training and assistance on PCR machine, OD spectrophotometer, centrifuge, Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometer, and spectrophotometer was done by Rajtarun Madangopal, Dr. Larisa Avramova, Dr. Lake Paul, and Dr. Tony Pedley.

Outside of University Additional Support

The Purdue iGEM team would like to thank Drew Endy and everyone in his lab that provided guidance, suggestions, and help when we were designing the bicistronic device constructs. The Purdue Biomakers would also like to thank all of the teams and individuals who helped us design and critique the standardized datasheet. In particular, we would like to thank the Boston University iGEM team for working on the software side of the project, and providing us with good advice and direction.