All team members contributed to multiple aspects of the project. It was decided that it would be most efficient to form smaller, coordinated groups to address the various aspects of the project. Following is a description of the primary contributions of each team member.

  • Adam Nighswander: Lab work, system design, and technical writing
  • Ayla Walters: Art and Graphic design
  • Bianca Maled: Human practices, graphic design, presentation, and lab work
  • Dax Earl: Wiki design and implementation
  • Mary Schultz: Poster and graphic design, and administrative lead
  • Tanner Reeb: Presentation, lab work, human practices, and writing
  • Ted Samore: Mathematical and hands-on model, wiki design, and graphical design
The iGEM of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology would like to thank all of those that have invested in the success of our project.
  • Shannon Tieken (Biology Lab Technician)
  • Lou Johnson (Chemistry Lab Technician)
  • Tom Rogge (Facilities Manager)
  • Suzie Erwin (Chemistry Stock Room Technician)
  • Peter Coppinger (Associate Instructor of Applied Biology)
  • Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative (IRC) Program
  • Yale University (E. coli strain)