Jamboree Results

What went down during at the World Championship, iGEM Jamboree 2013 in Boston, MA, USA

“We barely made enough to survive, but when we got up on stage and got ready to play people came alive.”
- "Rock’n’Roll Band" by Boston

3 weeks were all we had when we saw the magic words "Advancement Boston SDU-Denmark" on the big screen at Lyon. With great pleasure, we discovered the Feedback page shortly after returning from Lyon, and realized our presentation could need some brushing up. We imagined and realized a whole new presentation concept based on our own wiki. Our Boston presentation can be seen online at iGEM's homepage. Furthermore we worked day and night on our NMR results, to confirm our first rubber results. One of our main goals was to invent a novel type of wiki and win the Best Wiki award, so we were very happy to see the feedback page and work on the categories where we received the lowest results. This seems to have worked pretty well, we won the Best Wiki award in Boston!

So, just a quick sum up, you are looking at the price winning world Best Wiki, in the undergrad section of the iGEM competion 2013.

What went down during the European iGEM Jamboree 2013 in Lyon, France

We had an amazing time in Lyon!
We were delighted to meet iGEM's founder Randy Rettberg We were all very exited about what this great event would bring. We embarked on our journey from Odense to Lyon early Thursday morning, only hours after we finally printed our poster.

It seems to be a universal fact that iGEM teams from SDU-Denmark are be too exited about the wiki, outreach, and lab work to even think about the poster and presentation before wiki freeze has passed. Luckily, our experience from outreach projects at elementary and high schools enabled us to prepare a good presentation in short time. Our presentation was scheduled immidiately after lunch, meaning our audience would be stuffed and tired due to excessive amounts of exquisite French cuisine. So naturally, we started our presentation with an exercise that our supervisors used on us when we grew tired and weary. See the exercise and the rest of our presentation here.

We also presented a poster. The basic idea of our Lyon Poster was to remind our reader of our wiki; we framing the poster like our wiki and presented the project through the various components of our logo. At the poster session, we received a great amount of feedback that will help us improve the logic and reader-friendliness that we aim for. More importantly, we got to talk to the many amazing iGEM'ers and even met iGEM founder Randy Rettberg! It was unavoidable that we became enamored by the many exceptionel projects and by the efforts put forth by the other iGEM teams. See ours as well as the multitude of other teams' great posters here.

Going to Boston!

So what did SDU-Denmark achieve at this year's European Jamboree in Lyon? We were extremely proud to receive a Gold medal for our project and to advance to the World Championship in Boston! Furthermore, the team went into euphoria when the judges presented Most Improved Registry Part and our lacI BioBrick appeared on the big screen.

To sum up: Gold, special award for Most Improved Registry Part, new acquaintances, lots of fun, and advancement to Boston!

Boston, here we come!!