We’d like to express our deepest gratitudes towards every person and institute that helped us during this summer.

Lab supports:

Our great thanks to Stem Cell and Functional Genomics Laboratory, Cellular Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Gene Engineering of the Ministry of Education, the Laboratory of Hepatocarcinogenesis Molecular Mechanism, and Evolutional Genetics and Genomics Laboratory.

Our experimental space is kindly provided by Sunny’s lab, Lu YongJun’s lab, He Xiong Lei’s lab, Qu Liang Hu’s lab and Zhuang ShiMei’s lab.

Material supports:

We’d like to thank all the professors and seniors in Stem Cell and Functional Genomics Laboratory, especially Prof. Huang Junjiu, senior Jiang Shuai and Feng Xuyang, who offered us endless supports in lab spaces and materials.

We also thank a lot to Prof. Li Weiqiang and senior Lin Wanyi from Northern Campus of Sun Yat-sen University, for offering us the valuable human iPSCs and protocols. We also thank to Prof. Yang Jin e and senior You Kai in Zhuang’s Lab, for offering us the essential protocol and materials for the technology of isolation for hepatocytes.

Great thanks also go to Doctor Xu Hui, who offered us with lentivirus vectors and other important plasmids.

We must especially thank to our instructors, Lu YongJun, He XiongLei, Huang JunJiu and Xu hui, for they provide us the help in all aspect. Without them, it is not possible to form our teams.

Besides, we’d like to thank Prof. Qiu Zilong and other Professors in Shanghai Institute of Neuronscience, for expressaging us a new type of tet-off system.

Idea & project suggestions:

We appreciate each and every piece of suggestions and advices for our project from the following people: Doctor. Xu Hui, Prof. Huang Junjiu, Prof. Lu Yongjun, Prof. Li Weiqiang, Prof. Yang Jin e, Prof. Zhao Yong, Prof. Kuang Dongming, Prof. Qing Xiaofeng, senior Jiang Shuai, Lin Wanyi, Feng Xuyang, You Kai, Gong Jiao, Wang li, Ye Chang and Chen Dongjing.

Fund supports:

Our project is mainly supported by School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University. O(∩_∩)O~


We must especially thank to our instructors, Lu Yongjun, He Xionglei, Huang Junjiu and Xu Hui, without whom, it is not possible to form our teams.

Finally, we would like to thank to our super advisor, Jiang Shuai. He provided us most of the detailed and useful suggestion on experiment design, and helped us overcome several hard obstacles. Without his professional knowledge and highly experimental skills about iPS, the experiments we did in mouse iPS and human iPS would be impossible. He made our idea more clear and beautiful.

Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

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