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At the begining

The BGI-ATCG iGEM 2013 team is a huge and diversity group consists of undergraduate from ten universities. Our team members’ major is really different, such as biotechnology bioinformatics, physical and even mathematics. Our work is partly assigned into each group made up by the students from the same university, which you can find in the group part in this page. And you can also browse about who and how everyone contributed to the project in this page. We really appreciate all our advisors and instructors that have assisted us throughout this project, without whom the project could not been carried out. We would also like to thank all everyone else who has helped us to achieve our project through put up advice or providing DNA, seeds, or other materials. Their contributions have helped us enormously. For a full list of acknowledgments, please see the bottom of this page.

Financial Support

BGI College provides the totally funding including our team registration fee and competition travel fee. SUSTC Biology Department and the BGI Unit of Synthetic Biology help us purchasing some materials.

General Support

Cho-Kiu Wong at SMC, BGI Tech Solutions help us much to send and receive the Biobrick Unit of Synthetic Biology at BGI trains team members about the basic experiment technology and knowledge which was really necessary for us.

Material Support

Boeke Lab of John Hopkins Medical Institutions (Boeke Lab @ John Hopkins Medical) provide us pRS413, pRS414, pRS415, pRS416 Dr. Chi-Ming Wong (Dr. Chi-Ming Wong @ HKU) at Hongkong University provides us the plasmid yplac195 yplac181 

Kai Tian and Yong Li at BGI, helping us with the CRIPSR system.

At last

We really appreciate 1)the BGIC_0101 team for their cooperation, 2)the SCSTC help us for borrowing device and booking materials, and 3) SYSU, SUSTC borrowing us some experiments equipment.

Lab Support

Unit of Synthetic Biology at BGI supports us with the lab for the most important cell and molecular biology experiments. Dr. Ming Ni, team leader in BGI cancer group, let us use his lab for the microfluidic experiments. Pr. Lingling Shui at south china normal university provides the microfluidic lab and materials for our experiments.  

Cooperation college or university

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan University China University of Geosciences South China University of Technology South China Normal University Jinan University Sichuan University University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Southeast University Qingdao University University of Chinese Academy of Sciences